Imagination and Creativity
For STEM development, imagination and creativity are essential that can be supplemented through art and music, bringing balance to the brain and the soul.  

There is no age for learning. Introduce when the children are interested. 

AgeAll ages. 

Benefits: Classical music is soothing to the children.  It is peaceful and triggers creativity. High-caliber orchestral performances by London Philharmonic are stories in music designed for family listening. Included 21-page booklet with details. 

My Story: Won the Parents' choice and Dr. Toy awards.  Learning classical music involved logic and mathematics. Introduce the children as early as possible. Send a message to hear my story about how early we introduced our daughter to play music. 


AgeAll ages. 

Benefits: Stimulate memories, elevate mood, provide comfort, reduce stress, lessen anxiety, and manage pain. It is heart-healthy; research has shown that blood flows more easily with music. 

My Story: I had many other CDs that I wouldn't say I liked until my sister gifted this to my daughter. I like all of the songs in this, and I never ran out with 50 of them playing. The songs are very positive to the children, and my daughter loved them. 


Age3 - 6 and up. 

Benefits: Children love threading the wooden needle in and out of the wholes of the wooden block. They love retracing and repeating the activity. Encouraging eye-hand coordination, concentration, imagination, fine motor skills, cognitive/visual perception,  and pattern design. Parents favorite. Won the Dr. Toy Best Classic Toy Award. 

My StoryIt is an excellent pocket-size travel activity kit. Introduce shoe lacing after they master this. As the kids grow older, they can start sowing as well. A design art as well as a STEM building activity. I was amazed how they could learn the art of sewing at a younger age. It was fun for the kids. 

WarningDon’t let the little kids put the pieces in the mouth—clean up after playing.

Age3 years and up. 

Benefits: Children can create endless designs and patterns with this 200+ piece set. They can bend, twist, thread, weave, and lace the various components together, making something new every time, all while developing fine motor skills. Spark creativity and celebrate the process of making art. This kit is a great collaborative activity. 

My StoryMy daughter and her friends can spend an entire day on it. Once, she did an activity for school through a role-play on making puppets with these. She still has it after playing with it countless times. The best gift she got. Can create architectural designs.

WarningDon’t let the little kids put the pieces in the mouth—clean up after playing.

Age4 years and up. 

Benefits: Zen master and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Thich Nhat Hanh created this simple meditation for children--families' favorite. Clear instructions and a song with score activity. Provides energetic children a way to quiet down their bodies and minds by holding a pebble and thinking of what it might stand for. Practicing pebble meditation can help relieve stress, increase concentration, nourish gratitude, and help children deal with difficult emotions.  

My StoryMy daughter loves rocks, and this was a great way to slow down the active girl and focus on a fun way to meditate. The rock and mineral collection kit introduce geology as an artistic and scientific activity with meteorite, real shark teeth fossils, arrowheads, crystals, gemstones, and a treasure hunt ID sheet.

WarningDon't let the little kids put the pieces in the mouth—clean up after playing.

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