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Living a quintessential life by boosting health leads to being better parents. My poor health lead me in this direction as I wanted to have a quality of life to raise the children we have introduced to this world. They deserve to have a better life and we are responsible for creating one.

We recommend the following quintessential nutraceuticals and household items.
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What we eat is who we become. Why not have the best to be the best. Our health is the greatest wealth we can have to do more and be more.
In 26 countries and counting: USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, and more.

Age18 and up. 

Event: Free. Mention my name at the entrance: Shamila Amarasekera. Come and hear what this is all about. Meet the the owners and leaders and learn from them. Voyage dress: 231-0002, 1-1-4 Kaigandori, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, Japan.

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Q Sciences became a recognized seller of dietary supplements and functional food by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Which means they met the highest standards for purity and efficacy in the entire world. 

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Preferred Customer
  • Wholesale pricing
  • Earn free products with Q Rewards
  • Convenient Subscription deliveries

AgeAll ages. 

Benefits: Fill nutritional gaps, detoxify your body, and balance PH levels for better health and wellness. Boasting 20 superfoods, this nutrient-packed superstar will help boost energy, support digestion, and just flat out make you feel better.

My Story: Greens is the first item we ordered. We used to have fresh dark greens in my daily meals. With busy schedules and working parents it is a challenge to prepare the dark greens. This is my alternative for busy days. Some of the greens are great for the sight and cleanse the body's heavy toxins. Children are not keen to eat these dark greens, hence I add these to the milkshakes, ice cream, or even baked food for them to have their greens. 

Contact your healthcare provider if you have any concerns.


AgeAll ages. 

Benefits: The immune system fortress. This exclusive formula includes iconic, rare mushrooms known as adaptogens which have a unique ability to “adapt” according to the specific needs of your body. Includes Reishi, Chaga, Turkey Tail, Shiitake, Cordyceps, Antrodia, and Astragalus mushrooms. It is a immune system support, protection from cell damage, and adaptation to mental and physical stressors.

My Story: I did not know all these benefits of mushrooms before encountering this. As health and immune building is my priority and tea is a common drink in my house, I loved this and starts using it as much as we can. I add Armor to the milkshakes, ice cream, or even baked food for kids and the whole family to have their immune boost. 

Contact your healthcare provider if you have any concerns.

Core Vitamins: Adult Q Core and Q KIDS CORE Fruit Punch
With empty calories, processed foods, sugars, and fats, modern diets are not ideal for growing kids and adolescents. Q KIDS CORE provides wholesome nutritional support for a more complete and enriched diet.
Supports whole-body health at a cellular level, supports cognitive function and brain health, increases energy production, optimized absorption for best results, natural immunity support with elderberry, customized for every age, essential Trace Minerals, methylated B Vitamins, and nano Chelation Blend. 

  • Q CORE offers complete system protection, efficient absorption, and precise nutrient delivery from head to toe. This four-product suite covers essential vitamins and minerals, gut health, and joint and inflammation support.*
  • Q MAX PREMIUM is a daily micronutrient complex that delivers maximum absorption and essential nutritional support for body and brain health.*
  • Q DIGEST has 11 natural enzymes designed to speed and ease the digestion of everything in your healthy diet. Better digestion helps you to boost nutrient absorption, leave the “bloat” behind, and enjoy your favorite foods again.
  • Q ALIGN is designed to support a healthy body response to chronic inflammation, supporting mobility and helping reduce inflammation associated aches and pains.*
  • Q BIOTICS TOTAL is a soil-sourced spore probiotic and prebiotic herbal blend that provides a gentle detox and helps normalize digestive issues.

My Story: I take QCore daily as a boost to my health. I feel great and do more in the day. My brain clog after sitting in a computer for a long time is gone.  I add the Kids' core to our daughters' milk every morning as I know she does not eat as healthily as she can in her daily meals. 

Contact your healthcare provider if you have any concerns.

We have listed some of what we use here. Join the group for personalized resources.